Direct Investment

Pari Passu Investing in Growth Oriented Situations

Symmetrical Investments provides closely-held middle market companies with the capital to finance either the exit of an existing equity holder, core growth or an acquisition strategy.  With Partners in several time zones, Symmetrical operates around the clock.  Our commitment to you is that you get what you are promised.

Over the course of lengthy careers in advisory and investing in closely held businesses, Symmetrical understands middle market companies, the issues they confront and the needs of their owners.

Post investment, we become the new partner that can add value above and beyond just the capital provided to finance the transaction.  Functioning at the Board of Director level, we work with management to increase the equity value for all partners—management, the remaining owners and investors.

Unlike many other private capital firms, we are not wedded to a certain investment formula or ownership structure. We do not necessarily require a control position as is common among private equity investors; rather, only a fair return and reasonable legal rights commensurate with the role we are being asked to fill in the transaction. We believe our investment flexibility and ability to customize our investment and equity participation to the unique features of each transaction sets us apart in the transactional finance industry.