Sell-Side Advisory

Turning Equity into Liquidity™

Symmetrical Advisory serves as the sounding board to several hundred companies across the United States.  Nearly all of these conversations begin in advance of these business owners beginning their quest to turn their Equity into Liquidity™ .  Educational advisory is often an unappreciated step in the process.  It is hard for one to see clearly when clear seems like an unreasonable expectation.

There is a lot more to value than what is represented by the numbers. Our goal in selling a business is to provide our clients with choice, allowing them to achieve all their goals – financial and otherwise. We understand that while selling a business value may be predominantly a financial issue for the shareholders, a lot of other factors can add up to create ultimate value: the timing of the close, terms of your exit, treatment of your employees, and continuation of your legacy.

Use a team when you sell your business or add-on another.

In order to move forward in a transaction, you can expect that you will approve and we will execute on a customized sales and marketing plan that capitalizes on the competitive market that has been created. This approach requires a variety of different skills. Symmetrical Advisory leverages the collective strengths of its specialists by assigning a team of professionals to your situation.