Strategic Acquisitions

Advancement through accretive add-on acquisitions

The Symmetrical team has been in the M&A industry for over one hundred years and with our business model, contacts, and databases–we can reach owners who have not publicly advertised their desire to sell.

For acquisitive middle market business owners, Symmetrical’s program can be especially rewarding. Many times, business owners prepare their companies for sale in the future by improving their operations or product offerings through acquisitions. We will help identify those areas in which your company could be improved by acquisitions, design an acquisition plan, and help you grow your company to improve your future valuation.

Symmetrical is often retained to secure acquisitions for middle market firms. We only accept these assignments when we believe the company can significantly improve itself by acquiring and integrating other firms. In some cases, this service is performed under the assumption the company is positioning itself to be acquired in the future. If that is the case, Symmetrical can provide funds from the private capital markets to help perform acquisitions. We also can accept our fees in equity, so as to maximize the available cash on hand to make acquisitions. As with our co-investment model, by accepting our fee in equity and helping finance acquisitions, we are demonstrating our belief in the project and the management team’s strategy.